Onze beloftes

1. Our quotation is your invoice

The price in the final quotation is the price we stick to. We do a thorough analysis in advance. You can count on objective advice on materials, design and techniques. Because we can supply different materials and techniques, we are not biased or bound. What is constant, however, is the unrivalled quality of the material on offer. After all, it must comply with the strict Lafosse quality mark. In addition, we also look at the style used in the interior, your wishes in terms of possibilities and finish. We look for the best solution tailored to your specific needs and budget.

2. Your kitchen is sacred

We always strive for a relationship with mutual respect. We respect your kitchen, and your way of working. We don't wreak havoc or leave a mess behind. We have a strict code of conduct.

3. Worry-free is our guarantee

As professionals, we strive for a "worry-free" project in the eyes of the customer. Before, during and afterwards, we remain responsible for the work delivered. After all, unburdening you is our goal. We ensure that the kitchen can be used optimally. A correct start-up and explanation is essential.

Clear agreements are made about the guarantees and guarantees provided. Communication is therefore an essential element for us in a successful collaboration.